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Apple Today, I decided to give Linux a try on my iBook. I've been wanting Linux on my iBook for a long time, but I've simply never had the time to do it. I ran the occasional PowerPC live CD, but live CD's are far cries from the real, installed thing. A second showstopper was that suspend never really worked-- and I cannot use my iBook without suspend. After trying out a new live CD yesterday, I found out that suspend on lid closure now worked mighty fine on Linux/PPC; hence, it was time to do the real thing. And oh how I was left surprised. Note: This is this week's Sunday Eve Column.
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RE: Nifty that it Worked
by subterrific on Mon 13th Mar 2006 08:02 UTC in reply to "Nifty that it Worked"
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"I think Macs are actually a pretty good bet for people who want to run Linux."

You might think so, but in reality the Linux PowerPC community is tiny compared to x86, which means less support and less software. Having been there and done that, I would not recommend buying a Mac to anyone wanting to run Linux. If you already have a PowerPC Mac, Linux is a fun, free alternative to OS X with lots of great software, especially for developers, but if you want to get serious about Linux, get an x86.

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