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OSNews, Generic OSes The OS Group of Technische Universitaet Dresden (TUD:OS) has released a live demo CD of their custom operating system project. TUD:OS is a microkernel-based operating system targeted at secure and real-time systems. Some highlights of the demo CD include a new approach for securing graphical user interfaces called Nitpicker, multiple L4Linux kernels running at the same time on top of a custom L4 microkernel, a survey on the reuse of device drivers on the TUD:OS platform, native Qt-applications, the DOpE windowing system, games, and much more. More information is available at the demo CD website. And yes, boys and girls, there are screenshots, too.
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You talking to me?
by TADavis on Mon 13th Mar 2006 16:49 UTC
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"I4" is a trademark term for a 32 bit int in my operating system;-)

So I don't get busted for irrelevance, I comment on this story. I applaud what they are doing by way of low LOC and simplicity. Jonah in the Bible got people to repent and it's funny he was pissed when nothing happened. But, then there's the story of the tower of Babble.

I got jaded to capitalism when I tried to make money on shareware and gave-up. I live on disability, but God pays good perks. I understand reluctance to try untrusted software. I don't do that. My website more or less provides the highlights and the philosophy if nothing else, which is more important.

Would these guys be willing to port Qt to my OS? Not likely;-)

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