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Windows Microsoft has delayed a special slimmed-down version of Windows XP for legacy PCs, which is based on the Windows Embedded code base. The Redmond company had expected to make the operating system available to Software Assurance customers this month, but now says Windows Fundamentals will ship 'in late 2006.' Windows Fundamentals can run on older machines that do not support XP while providing the same level of security.
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"Linux doesn't run on old hardware. It is a lie."

That was my statement. Sorry to have provoked some of you, I'm just disappointed.

My lab consists of 6 Pentium I machines with each 20 MB RAM running at 100-120 MHz (all Compaq). The network is 10 MBps. The graphics is Cirrus 1MB. They run as terminal clients.

The terminal server is Lorma Linux (because Fedora is way to slow on the terminals), updated to Slackware 10.2, KDE 3.5, Dropline gnome 2.12.2. The server is a Celeron-2.13GHz, 256MB RAM, hdparm -tT 680MB/s -- 58MB/s.

As such, it is a setup to which Windows Fundamentals is very simular.
The results: Well, it works. It is slow. The graphic cards are too slow, and therefore Linux is slow. The machines are simply much faster running Windows 95 with Office 2000.

I always believed the statements: Linux runs on old hardware. In my experience that is not true. And to you all, sorry, next time I will choose my words more carefully and complete my post.

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