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Apple IBM researchers Singh, Smith & Reed are developing in their free time legacy BIOS support for Intel Macs. "BAMBIOS" is using Boch's BIOS emulation code and has also adapted its graphical BIOSes for the current ATi and Intel graphics chipsets used on the Intel Macs today. The BIOS itself loads as a small EFI-capable OS that then chainloads to a second stage boot manager to then boot non-EFI OSes (editor's note: In the past some unsupported VESA 1.2 PC users used a small DOS partition to load a special DOS-based "VESA 2.0 graphics bios" code that was preparing the way for what BeOS was expecting and then it was chainloading the BeOS from DOS). BAMBIOS is a very promising project to bring Windows and non-EFI Unices to the Mac platform, although the downside is that you most likely need updated versions for it for each new Mac released - if the Mac hardware has changed from its previous models that is. And if the trick used is indeed chainloading, then some quirky re-partitioning of the drive will be required by the user too. Update: Additional info from Amit Singh below.
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Dual boot would be good for competition...
by th3rmite on Tue 14th Mar 2006 18:28 UTC
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I don't care what Apple says about them beig a hardware company. Letting Windows boot on Apples would be too good for the competition. Also we have to think about who is running Apple, Steve Jobs. Don't you think there is something kind of personal between him and Bill? Anything that would be good for Bill is probably bad for Steve even if it isn't bad for Apple.

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