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Apple The web was abuzz the last few days because of a set of photos on Flickr that allegedly showed the progress of Windows XP being installed on an Intel iMac. Many questioned the photos' authenticity, but it now appears they might have been real after all. A person by the name of 'narf2006' has been hacking away for weeks, and the organizer of the WinXP on Mac contest has taken down the forum on which one had to post the proof and instructions.
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RE[2]: Win Apps on OSX
by th3rmite on Wed 15th Mar 2006 00:04 UTC in reply to "RE: Win Apps on OSX"
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Why use Crossover Office? MS Office for Mac is hindered because it is missing one tiny little app... Access. I would love to be able to use my Mac all the time, but beings how my office is almost completely run off of Access it is hard to migrate completely so I end up having to have atleast two different computers if I want to do any work from home instead of working all late and crap all the time.

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