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Apple "In twenty odd years of working with computers, I never owned an Apple computer. Frankly, until OSX, I was never interested. But the BSD underpinnings of OSX got my attention. The Mac finally got a "real" operating system. It was interesting enough that several years after it debuted, I purchased my first Apple computer on eBay, a Mac Mini, to dig a little deeper into the OS. Not only did Apple do something right with OSX, but it was smart marketing to introduce a cheap Mac that worked with PC hardware. It is squarely aimed at Windows switchers and the mildly curious like myself. I would never have considered springing for a full-blown iMac or iBook as a learning exercise, but a used Mini fit the budget."
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RE: My experience was different
by Shane on Wed 15th Mar 2006 02:20 UTC in reply to "My experience was different"
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Usability means mostly what you are used to. Linux desktop environments like Gnome and KDE use the same taskbar metaphor as Windows and you will find these more useable for you.

In OS X, trying to use the dock as a taskbar to manage windows and to switch between them will only lead to frustration.

Joel Spolsky has a nice writeup on the subject:

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