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Windows "This is the year... The year that Microsoft releases the newest version of Windows. We are targeting to make Windows Vista generally available in the second half of this year, and the exact delivery date will ultimately be determined by the quality of the product. So what is so compelling that our customers would want to spend money upgrading to the Vista operating system? Let's take a quick look at all that Vista offers a small business."
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by Soulbender on Wed 15th Mar 2006 14:54 UTC
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While there may, or may not, be good reasons for SOHO's to buy Vista this article does unfortunately not list a single thing that is important for a business. I hate to bring it to the guy who wrote it but a business dont really give a damn about Aero, a "powerfull" Explorer or live taskbars. A business care about if it will run the applications it need, what it will cost to upgrade all the workstations and how much support this is going to incur etc etc.
Not every article written deserves to get noticed.

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