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Gnome "In the GNOME philosophy, we want applications that do their job, only their job, and we want those to do it perfectly. Epiphany's job is to browse the web. Only browsing the web. But browsing the web in a GNOME fashioned way." Read more here and also here.
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RE: gnome fashioned way
by someone on Wed 15th Mar 2006 22:56 UTC in reply to "gnome fashioned way"
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And epiphany has not yet managed to convince me - although I have to admint that I haven't tried it for some months now.

In that case, you should try it.

Some of Epiphany's features are very unique. In fact, many are *not* even avaiable as Firefox extensions. Examples include label-based bookmark mangement, combined URL+Search bar and gnome deskbar integration (supports smart bookmarks!).

And maybe it's just me (no it's not) but I always get itches and headaches when I come in contact with the gnome philosophy of not really allowing you to easily configure anything.

You have the preference panel, about:config and gconf. I am sure there are enough options among all three to satisfy your every whim.

I don't think it's reasonable for epiphany devs to cram every possible options into the preference panel. Non-advanced users don't care about most of these hidden options (and note that even advanced users only tend to focus on a few of those hidden options). Cramming every single option into the pref panel (like KDE) only serve to make everyone's life (including advanced user's) complicated.

You are an advanced user; you should have no trouble digging a little deeper.

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