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Gnome "In the GNOME philosophy, we want applications that do their job, only their job, and we want those to do it perfectly. Epiphany's job is to browse the web. Only browsing the web. But browsing the web in a GNOME fashioned way." Read more here and also here.
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RE[2]: Simply untrue
by someone on Wed 15th Mar 2006 23:05 UTC in reply to "Simply untrue"
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I'd make suggestions on GNOME Live!, but the process requires creating yet another username/password and give out my e-mail address. I'm unwilling to do so, particularly for a one-time edit.

You can always use mailinator for one time accounts.

the lack of support for keyboard shortcuts is particularly apalling.

Epiphany does support standard Ctrl based shortcuts. If you want it to support vi shortcut, you can always use python to write an extension.

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