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Gnome "In the GNOME philosophy, we want applications that do their job, only their job, and we want those to do it perfectly. Epiphany's job is to browse the web. Only browsing the web. But browsing the web in a GNOME fashioned way." Read more here and also here.
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RE[4]: Its nice, but...
by antwarrior on Thu 16th Mar 2006 00:17 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Its nice, but..."
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I've just had a quick look at epiphany and from the comments that have been modded up ,a lot of them are pro firefox, touting flexibility over epiphany's simplicity.

I think their focus on just making the browser do just that : browse , is admirable. Some complain about there being too much focus on bookmarks etc but i disagree. You've got to ask yourself what you're doing when you are go online and start browsing ? It's essentially an information task and managing bookmarks for any serious web user is one of the major tasks.

With epiphany I get that nice fuzzy feeling that I have with sweet sweet sweeeet integration with my deskop. Pages do render faster and it is more stable. I know every user experience would be different in this regard. But one point I think you have to agree with me on is that it is more stable.

Firefox, for different reasons not necessarily the fault of firefox developers, can get quite unstable with all the 3rd party extensions out there.

Firefox seems to being going in the opposite direction.
It's a direction that I like more than the sweet sweet elegance of epiphany and that's providing this rich application platform. I love the idea that I can use browser and with the use of 3rd party extensions I find less and less reason to leave browser space to do other desktop tasks.

Both projects have different directions and I believe that they are meeting their respective goals well. Just for the record , my default browser is Firefox

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