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Mono Project What makes a Mono developer tick? Linux format has a brief interview with Edd Dumbill and Niel Bornstein, two prominent Mono coders who've just written a book on the open source .NET implementation. They explain the advantages of C# over other languages, and give a bit of advice for budding Mono app developers.
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by snowflake on Thu 16th Mar 2006 00:38 UTC
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We download the release version of mono regularly to check on winforms status. We have a bunch of MS apps we want to port over to linux and mac but for the moment mono is not ready (mac in particular). Progress is being made but only slowly.

This summer we've decided to use QT for new apps rather than wait for winforms (it was a choice between Java and QT, and Java apps tend to look awful so it was QT in the end). I know people will say, contribute yourself to speed up development, trouble is, as much as that would be desirable, we don't have the resource. Easier sometimes just buy, for a few K dolalrs, a ready made kit like QT (a few K will only pay someone for 2 or 3 weeks so it's not a large amount of money).

As for not using winforms because MS is moving to the next great thing, one has to remember that we need something now, not later. Winforms will be around for a long time and it works (at least on Windows) now. The next MS stuff will not be ready for crossplatform for many years to come. As for GTK#, sure people use it, but our primary dev platform is VS (secondary is Delphi) and GTK# is not integrated in VS like Winforms.

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