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Windows The director of platform strategy at Microsoft, Bill Hilf has lead the Linux and open source software technology group at Redmond for the past two years and formerly headed the global Linux technical strategy of IBM. He says reliability and predicability are the key factors which give Microsoft's software the edge over Linux and open source alternatives.
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is that right?
by eantoranz on Thu 16th Mar 2006 01:40 UTC
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Now, with all due respect... that's BS.

Well... I have to agree on something. Windows is much more predictable if he meant something like:

- Within the next 6 months, I'll have to reinstall my Windows on my box from scratch.
- I'll have to use a full blown antivirus + antispyware + antimalware in order to keep it from falling pray to script kiddies (and that of course will mean my super-dupper pseudo-server will behave just like a 486).
- I'll have to pay hard money for my licence.

That's pretty much predictable.

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