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Gnome Today, the GNOME Project celebrates the release of GNOME 2.14, the latest version of the popular, multi-platform Free desktop environment. Foresight Linux 0.9.4 was first to incorporate GNOME 2.14 on their distribution, VMWare and Qemu images are already available in addition to their normal distribution.
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Not impressed :(
by amiroff on Thu 16th Mar 2006 06:47 UTC
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While I am a big fan (and kinda contributor) of Gnome and was looking forward for this release I have to say I am slightly dissappointed with it. Most improvements they mention on release notes seems to work half the way, and many of them were not so needed (dialog redesigns etc.)

Using dapper here and I cannot see the speed improvements. Gedit opens a text file in freaking 2 seconds while on my win. box it's instant. It now can open and save remote files but guess what, it displays my username and password I used to access my sbm share on title bar ;)

Firefox is again very slow at tab switching and moving/resizing windows is still a pain. You cannot grab the window or their corner easily. Gnome theme selector crashes everytime after selecting a new theme. Bug buddy does not even help, it asks too many questions, and hell where is "gnome theme selector" in that apps selection when reporting a bug?

Release notes say that yelp is improved, but for god's sake, try searching for "ls" and make a note how many results you get and where actually is the manual page for "ls" command you're actually looking for.

Allright, screw searching, go to Help Topics and try to find manual page for "ls" command that way. After freaking 3 clicks (Command Line Help>Manual Pages>Applications) I am lost and don't know where to find, lots of text to scroll. Learn from konqueror, man:ls in address bar and that's all you have to do.

While the look of gnome desktop rocks it does not help with the general problems it always had and continues to have. The above are the bugs/annoyances I noticed after playing with latest Gnome for only 30-40 minutes. Oh, one more, when number lock is on, I cannot type /*-+ symbols that are on my number pad. I guess this one is OS related actually. The list goes on and on unfortunately...

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