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Mono Project What makes a Mono developer tick? Linux format has a brief interview with Edd Dumbill and Niel Bornstein, two prominent Mono coders who've just written a book on the open source .NET implementation. They explain the advantages of C# over other languages, and give a bit of advice for budding Mono app developers.
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RE[4]: WinForms
by calberto on Thu 16th Mar 2006 08:31 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: WinForms"
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I agree. Its usually stupid little things like people hard coding path seperators (/ vs ) and network stuff (have to run as sudo).

Well, we need to know such things to fix them. You use it, it fails, we fix it. A lot of times, the documentation in msdn is not very clear, and we have to make some assumptions, and have a first implementation. Then, when colaborators come and use the code, we have the chance to know if the implementation is wrong.

That's one of the problems implementing a compatible product of MS ;-)

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