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Windows The director of platform strategy at Microsoft, Bill Hilf has lead the Linux and open source software technology group at Redmond for the past two years and formerly headed the global Linux technical strategy of IBM. He says reliability and predicability are the key factors which give Microsoft's software the edge over Linux and open source alternatives.
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Why he is wrong
by gustl on Thu 16th Mar 2006 14:41 UTC in reply to "Why he's right"
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If you want to run an old binary on Linux, the same applies as with old binaries on Windows: Either all the libraries are linked statically (e.g. at compile time), or all the libraries on which the binary depends have to be installed along with it.

Blame the one who gave you the binary that it didn't work. Don't blame Linux or Fedora or the moon, they are not responsible.

Other topic: RELIABILITY. I am working with a Linux system here, my co-workers all have Windows systems. Average uptime for the Windows systems is 3 days, after that they have to be rebooted. I have to reboot my System every odd month. All of our systems should run 24/7 as we are running finite element calculations on them. But the Windows Systems are not very good at it, they tend to get unstable if under heavy load.

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