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General Development "There are several possible reasons why you might choose to use the command line interface as your desktop environment. For one thing, it uses less electricity, so you could maximize battery life on your laptop computer. Secondly, it forces you to think about your operating system and directory structure in a totally different way than a GUI does; this could greatly enhance your understanding of GNU/Linux and cause you to be more creative in your technological problem solving. And thirdly, everyone will think you're a supreme computer genius for ditching X11 for the CLI. People passing by your desk will think you're some kind of computer god. Who doesn't want that?"
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RE: hmm...
by viton on Fri 17th Mar 2006 10:38 UTC in reply to "hmm..."
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on Amiga:
GUI app was launched from the CLI the CLI would then be freed up to be used again
run <program>

another interesting bit would be if one was able to send CLI commands to existing GUI windows.


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