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Fedora Core Many Fedora users are anxiously waiting for the Fedora Core 5 release, scheduled for Monday, March 20. Be warned that some of you may have to wait a little longer, however: the kernel shipped with FC5 effectively disallows the loading of any non-GPL modules. That behavior was a mistake, and a fix has already been made, but it is too late to get that fix into the initial FC5 release. So binary module users will want to wait until the first errata kernel is released (a few days, at most) before upgrading. Update: Elsewhere, an interview with Greg DeKoenigsberg who presently serves as Red Hat's Community Relations Manager and is on the Fedora Extras Steering Committee.
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Release FC5 5.1
by mkone on Sat 18th Mar 2006 14:01 UTC
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If it is not possible to respin the isos as long as they haven't been distributed, then they should promptly release a 5.1 version with a kernel with the bug fixed. They just make it clear that the only thing that has changed is the default kernel, and everything else is exactly the same. It would make it easier for some if they could be sure that the default installation works well with the proprietary drivers. Sometimes access to the internet is not readily available to update the problematic kernel.

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