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Apple A very detailed how to for installing and running Windows XP on an Intel iMac have been posted on the contest website. And on a related note, someone who almost won the contest posted his findings too: "While I'm disappointed not to have won, I'm encouraged to see that our approaches were remarkably similar. We both wrote custom EFI CSM drivers to emulate the BIOS functions Windows requires to boot. I'm very curious how they managed to get VGA working, and I won't be surprised if it doesn't work in either the Mini or the Macbook Pro, as it looks like they did all their development on an iMac."
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Which hack do you prefer?
by th3rmite on Sat 18th Mar 2006 17:04 UTC
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I love MacOSX. That is the seller for me, not the hardware as teh "engineers envisioned it" or anything at all about the hardware. I like the OS. But alas the job I have uses Windows and they will not change at all no matter what it seems. So it's like this, I need Windows for work and want MacOSX for home. Just like MANY MANY people. So is it prefereable to hack up OSX to work on my "beige box" and run Windows on the machine it was supposed to, or is it preferable to run MacOSX on a Mac and a hacked up way of running Windows? Surely it would be the latter, atleast Apple gets a hardware sale in. Also let's face it. Windows is designed at Redmond (and supported) to run on a whole mess load of configs versus OSX only runs on specific hardware. So Windows is more adaptable to running on these machines. Also what I wonder is what kind of support MS offers for this kind of setup. Do they view it as any different than running on any old PC?

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