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SuSE, openSUSE The 8th beta of OpenSUSE 10.1 has been released today. As has become common now, the OpenSUSE team did not post any changelog, sadly. There's a list of most annoying bugs, and the download locations are listed inside the release announcement.
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RE[3]: Interesting....
by davidiwharper on Sun 19th Mar 2006 02:08 UTC
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It makes sense that they should standardize on a single package manager, but merging the two and trying to cram them into an almost-release-candidate distribution seems retarded to me. I'm sure they have good reason.

They probably want to road-test Red Carpet/YaST integration in time for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop ( so they can solve the kinds of bugs you mentioned.

In Novell Linux Desktop 9, their current enterprise desktop offering, the two are seperate - which is a complete pain. You can use Red Carpet to install updates and new packages from the Internet (

However, you can also use YaST, which not only does the above but also lets you install patches from a CD, as well as add/remove packages from the original install set (

The same kind of problems exist during deployment and administration. If you want to deploy NLD, you don't use Red Carpet or ZENWorks, you use AutoYaST instead (

Once you've used AutoYaST to deploy NLD, though, it's back to ZENWorks and Red Carpet to perform software delivery ( and - more importantly - lock down desktops (

Basically, it's a mess to work with and the sooner Novell integrates Red Carpet & ZENWorks with YaST the better. This looks like the first step in a long overdue direction.

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