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Linux Recently in a post on my blog I argued that, despite many claims to the contrary, GNU/Linux is almost ready for the desktop. In particular, I argued that GNU/Linux is already a very good and easy desktop if people just take the time to learn its very basic differences with Windows before actually using it. Note: Don't forget to rate this article!
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Gnu/Linux is NOT ready for desktops
by Tanner on Thu 7th Jul 2005 21:16 UTC
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In my opinion, Gnu Linux is getting the worst time in his history. Many people started to think about the cluttering, the bad written code, the mess in the latest kernels...

There are some aspects that will never be clear for the average user: driver installation is a pain,for example the graphics drivers need kernel recompilation, with modules to plug in in order to achieve hardware acceleration... Packages are managed trought many different package-managers, with different systems and formats.

Desktop environments are heavy, based on old X11 client server architecture (?!? on a desktop system!!!), often they are only a patchwork..

In conclusion, people discovered that unixes arent for desktop usage.

Many discovered alternatives like BeOS who "died" (commercially) years ago, but also discovered that THOSE were the REAL desktop OSes. And the interest in those Oses is increasing day after day.

IMHO, obviously. Feel free to think that Linux is ready for the desktop.

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