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Google In a move that alleviates some privacy concerns, a federal judge granted part of a Justice Department request for Google search data but said users' search queries were off-limits. The 21-page order [.pdf] issued Friday by US District Judge James Ware, represented little change from his stance at a hearing earlier this week.
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Good sign
by DrillSgt on Sun 19th Mar 2006 18:06 UTC
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Nothing really new here, as law enforcement ahs always been able to get warrants when there is a suspicion. This is good as now they can't just request search history, which can lead to what I call a witch hunt. There are times when everyone searches for things that may be illegal just in order to research tme. If they could request search data, you would find people gettinmg falsely accused of doing things when maybe they heard something on the news and just wanted to see what it was about. My take on it anyway.

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