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Internet Explorer At its Mix '06 designer confab next week, Microsoft will distribute a 'layout-complete' IE 7.0 test build, yet another step along the way toward the final IE 7.0 release, and talk IE futures, too.
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RE[2]: In the beginning
by edwdig on Sun 19th Mar 2006 20:06 UTC in reply to "RE: In the beginning"
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If Netscape had won the browser wars, it probably would have never been open sourced, and we'd probably be up to Communicator 5 or 6, with only incremental improvements and a non-standard Netscape browser (anybody remember the LAYER tag)?

Let's not forget why LAYER wasn't standard. Netscape came up with the idea and started working on it, intending to go present it to the W3C with a working demo. Microsoft saw it and did something similar but different (DIV) and went to the W3C before Netscape did.

DIV and LAYER really aren't that different, so the W3C just went along with the first one that was presented to it. The faults with layers were in the implementation, not the concept.

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