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In the News As I sit back, here on March 19th 2019, to review the past 13 years, I cannot help but feel slightly melancholic. I felt it was time to summarize the period in the tech industry between 2006 and 2019. Where did we leave off, where did we go, and where are we going to end up? Note: Yes, the Sunday Eve Column.
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hm... hm..
by csynt on Sun 19th Mar 2006 22:25 UTC
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I don't know what your talking about.. BUT I am sure that on 2019 my beloved C-one ( WILL be able to RUN the C64 core WITH full emulation... :-)''''
Also, you are a bit wrong.. on 2019, the ilife wont be 14 DVDs.. just ONE and ONLY media.. (that holds some TBs)
OSX and VISTA ? on that era?? bah..
Jobs (he will be 64yo on 2019 and changes for the Nth time CPU/Architecture.. LOL ) maybe there will be one common OS..

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