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Fedora Core Fedora Core 5, 'Bordeaux', has been released to mirrors. The release notes [.html download] are posted, along with sets of screenshots of the installation procedure and the resulting desktop, by Linux-Noob, so boys and girls, rejoice. The main new features of Fedora Core 5 are the latest GNOME and KDE desktops (2.14 and 3.5 respectively), integration of early work on the Fedora Rendering Project, Mono installed by default, new pakage manager front-ends, better sleep/hibernate support, and much, much more. Update: Screencast and screenshots.
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...but as usual OSNews has jumped the gun! Notice how all the release links are to an unofficial site and yet the official locations at places like:

all fail to mention Fedora Core 5 final at all (as of 22.30 GMT on Sunday evening)! Know why? Well, the official release date is Monday (20th March) and it's pretty poor of OSNews to post this up without bothering to actually even go to the project home page to confirm whether or not it had been released. Shame on you, OSNews!

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