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Gnome The second point release of the stable 2.10.x branch of GNOME is now officially released. This release has seen continued work to eliminate memory leaks, plain bugs and in general improve and polish the stable series of GNOME. Source: bindings, desktop, platform.
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RE: Gnome bloat and is slow
by rayiner on Thu 7th Jul 2005 21:16 UTC in reply to "Gnome bloat and is slow"
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Gnome is bloat.The Fedora core4 when I entered the gnome default environment,it consumed memory more than the kde 3.4 in fc4.

Memory, relative to the other parts of a computer is cheap. The difference between GNOME and KDE is at most 50-100MB. At today's prices, that's less than $10 worth of RAM. There is no way that is expensive for anyone with a computer.

gnome's no future

I think GNOME and KDE both have very bright futures. I recently installed Fedora Core 4 on my new computer, and I have to say that GNOME 2.10 is a nice environment. I've only been using it a couple of days, but it is clean, uncluttered, and very stable (I haven't encountered a bug yet). It's also pretty fast, though anything less would be inexcusable on a dual-core athlon64. It's certainly one of the more enjoyable user experiences I've had with a computer in the last few years.

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