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Fedora Core Fedora Core 5, 'Bordeaux', has been released to mirrors. The release notes [.html download] are posted, along with sets of screenshots of the installation procedure and the resulting desktop, by Linux-Noob, so boys and girls, rejoice. The main new features of Fedora Core 5 are the latest GNOME and KDE desktops (2.14 and 3.5 respectively), integration of early work on the Fedora Rendering Project, Mono installed by default, new pakage manager front-ends, better sleep/hibernate support, and much, much more. Update: Screencast and screenshots.
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RE: Links to NEW FC5 Kernels
by chr1skearney on Mon 20th Mar 2006 05:53 UTC in reply to "Links to NEW FC5 Kernels"
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After installing the new kernel (2059). The nvidia package from fails to build. From what I have read you need apply a patch or two in order to make it work. I applied those patches, and the module compiled and isntalled fine. However when starting the xserver it still complains about not being able to find the nvidia module.

In short.. what a pain in the ass. It makes me wonder why I have to go through so much hassle to run Fedora. I hate to say it but when I install Ubuntu "stuff just works". I have been a long time user of red hat (dating back to redhat 4.0). I am becoming increasingly frustrated with how behind the times redhat is with package management, and simple things like sound card support. My sound card from 2002 just plain will not work. Very frustrating. Come on redhat, lets get it right, please remind me why I used to defend your distribution till the point of death.

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