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Windows There's a software product coming that has the potential to demote spyware from a security priority to an afterthought: Windows Vista. Spyware has become a serious security problem for users of Microsoft's operating system over the past years, giving rise to a host of third-party tools to fight the insidious software. But perhaps the best defensive program has yet to ship, some analysts believe.
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RE[2]: OK, call me skeptic.
by leech on Mon 20th Mar 2006 09:40 UTC in reply to "RE: OK, call me skeptic."
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>> So there will be new ones.

>The same could be said for oh-so-secure Linux, and >oh-so-secure OS X.

I think for there to be new ones, there would first have to be old ones. With the exception of browser cookies (which can be argued whether they are actually spyware or not) there are no adware/spyware/malware in Linux, at least none that I've seen in the many years of using it.

The only ad supported software I remember seeing was Opera, and they don't even do that anymore. No one in the Linux world would use any adware crap, a lot of people go there because of the adware/spyware that Windows has.

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