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Windows There's a software product coming that has the potential to demote spyware from a security priority to an afterthought: Windows Vista. Spyware has become a serious security problem for users of Microsoft's operating system over the past years, giving rise to a host of third-party tools to fight the insidious software. But perhaps the best defensive program has yet to ship, some analysts believe.
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RE[5]: OK, call me skeptic.
by AlexandreAM on Mon 20th Mar 2006 16:26 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: OK, call me skeptic."
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As much as I hate playing devils advocate on that matter (I am a linux-only user for like 5 or 6 years now) I beg to differ.

I am a linux user and computer programmer for a long time and I would have to say that EVERY computer system is hackable. If linux is not being attacked by malware today is just because there is not enough interest in writing such tools.

A few things I give credit for linux not being hacked these days are:
1) not enough market share to create interest in abusing users (not enough users to scam)
2) it's too much of a moving target. so the effort is bigger to create linux malware than to windows malware... the same as it is to write conventional proprietary software.

So... as "harder" as the system is to hack, it is always "easy enough" provided that there are enough people trying to hack it (when talking to desktop systems, that is).

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