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Games Sony's PS3, scheduled to be released near the end of this year, has been slated to have a hard drive that will support and will even include preinstalled Linux. This could be a breakthrough event not just for Linux but also for other alternative operating systems as well. The PS3 will almost certainly sell millions and millions of units, providing a unique opportunity for people to try something that would be more difficult on their regular computer.
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RE[4]: Whatever...
by peejay on Mon 20th Mar 2006 18:32 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Whatever..."
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There is no "evil" in Sony, just like there is no "evil" in any big corporation (corporations are made from people like you and me). It's just business, as usual. People who say that the X or Y corporation is "evil" just because at some level some stupid manager made a mistake and approved a deal or not, they are crybabies who just hate the successful and always cheer for the underdog. And when the underdog eventually becomes the No1, they start hating it too (see: Google). No real logic in anything there.

There's the evil of corporate culture. Small companies tend to be flexible and experimental and aren't constrained as much by needing large profits.

Google started out as the search company friendly to open source and with results unbiased by advertising. Now they openly push their own Windows-only software and have tons of Google Ads everywhere and Google sponsored links and they lost alot of the trust they had built up. From a business standpoint it makes sense, but from a community one, it stinks.

When the underdog becomes number one, it's usually because they've dumped the community in search of profit.

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