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Windows News has leaked that Microsoft has enabled support for OpenGL to work with the Vista compositing desktop, as of the most recent preview build. Previously Microsoft's plan had been to force OpenGL to be translated to Direct3D, reducing performance by 50% and locking the OpenGL version to 1.4 only.
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Network transparency & Cross-platform
by jacquouille on Mon 20th Mar 2006 18:37 UTC
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In many professional environments, network transparency is a must-have feature. OpenGL is network transparent, as is the whole X protocol. I do not know whether Direct3D and DirectDraw are network-transparent, perhaps someone here knows.

Also note that Windows is not entirely dominant in the professional graphics world. Sure, there are many windows workstations, but there are also many *nix ones, so having a cross-platform API is useful.

By the way the professional computer graphics world has been one of the first domains where Linux has been used in production environments. I remember that already the Titanic movie (1997) had its computer effects rendered under Linux. Today, most computer animation studios have Linux clusters.

I do know that such rendering does not use OpenGL or D3D. That was only an example showing that the professional computer graphics world isn't 100% Windows, hence a cross-platform API like OpenGL makes sense.

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