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General Unix After receiving several comments to his November 2005 article on hating UNIX, David Chisnall offers his responses and further insight on his continuing disdain.
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RE[7]: Shell Globing
by Vanders on Mon 20th Mar 2006 19:42 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Shell Globing"
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Wow. You've managed to reply to my post without ever reading it. You havn't even the slightest understanding of the small out-of context parts of my post that you've quoted. NIce work.

Heres the executive summary for you:

1) I never said globbing was bad.
2) I never said "mv *.foo *.bar" was wrong as it is currently implemented
3) I never said "mv *.foo .bar" was wrong either.
4) It boggles my mind that anyone could think having two tools that do only slightly different things could be a good idea.
5) UNIX tools are not traditionally interactive.
6) You've completly flown off the handle and entirely missed the point of the article, the arguments raised within, my reply and no doubt, this reply as well.

Well done. You qualify for your UNIX beard and certificate of "Approaching Computing as a Purely Academic Excercise".

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