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Games Sony's PS3, scheduled to be released near the end of this year, has been slated to have a hard drive that will support and will even include preinstalled Linux. This could be a breakthrough event not just for Linux but also for other alternative operating systems as well. The PS3 will almost certainly sell millions and millions of units, providing a unique opportunity for people to try something that would be more difficult on their regular computer.
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RE: Whatever...
by ronaldst on Mon 20th Mar 2006 20:05 UTC in reply to "Whatever..."
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Don't buy PS3!

I expect this beast, the PS3, to cost too much when it becomes available too late this year.

Here's what I am asking myself: What need is a PS3 running *nix/*BSD/Haiku/etc. gonna fill? The video cards on our PCs are a lot more powerful than the ones on the PS3. Same for the overhyped CPUs (CELLs don't make good Desktop CPUs). Third, PCs aren't limited like PS3 consoles.

Homebrew? The PS3 will end up with Emulators and DOOM ports like every other cd-rom loading consoles that have had their security layer cracked. Media Center? The PS3 will probably have an integrated one.

Holy Grail... But of what?

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