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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Not too long ago Mark Shuttleworth proposed a delay of six weeks for the release of Ubuntu Dapper Drake. Today, after discussion within the community, the delay was approved and announced. "June 1st 2006 is the updated release date for Ubuntu Dapper, Desktop and Server editions, a delay of 6 weeks over the previous release date of April 20." More information in the release schedule.
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RE: Probably a good move
by mkone on Tue 21st Mar 2006 09:09 UTC in reply to "Probably a good move"
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I think the idea of time based releases is to release with the features that are completely implemented at the time you want to release. It doesn't mean you release whatever you have at the time. You actually say, no more new features are going to be included in the next release, and any work towards the release is bug fixing and polish. This means that if you were waiting for a new kernel with a new whiz bang feature, you actually decide not to include that kernel version, but to include an older stable kernel version with less bugs (hopefully). You don't just take a snapshot of your cvs tree and release that.

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