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OpenBSD OpenBSD has asked for donations: "To fulfill most development goals OpenBSD should be generating about $100K USD. With that amount of money the project can finance 1 large and 4 small hackathons per year. Pay the bills and a part-time developer to mind the shop when Theo isn't around. In an ideal world we would have a sponsor per hackathon and the CD sales would be paying for other expenses." On a very related note, pre-orders for OpenBSD 3.9 are now available.
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RE: It's not "us" it's "them"
by Janizary on Tue 21st Mar 2006 21:03 UTC in reply to "It's not "us" it's "them""
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Just a correction, OpenSSL is done by another group of developers, like OpenBSM it just uses a prefix of Open*.

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