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Windows Microsoft has officially announced to ActiveWin (over a conference call) the release date of Windows Vista. Windows Vista will be made officially to consumers in January 2007, while making Windows Vista available to businesses only in November 2006. In addition, there will be a feature complete Beta 2 CTP released in the next quarter.
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that's fine
by Hae-Yu on Tue 21st Mar 2006 23:22 UTC
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With the statement made - businesses will get it in Nov but widespread release in Jan - it seems to indicate the multimedia portions may not be ready. Maybe integrating multimedia stores and other odds & ends which are more dependent on contractual and legalese rather than optimization.

On the other hand, the enterprise release may just be for widespread shakedown and they will recieve a finalized product in Jan.

The XP situation isn't bad. At least it gives smaller guys an opening to offer improvements, I don't have to run tech support 1/10 as much since everyone is somewhat proficient in XP, all my devices work on it, and the platform is pretty stable. It takes a few years to get to that place.

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