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Fedora Core Lunapark reviews Fedora Core 5, and concludes: "I would only recommend FC5 to people who do not own Nvidia video cards or do not mind tweaking a lot default settings to get things working. Otherwise stay with what you are using and wait for SUSE 10.1 or Ubuntu's Dapper. But if you do stick with FC 5 and get past the quirks, it is quite impressive and I am already eagerly awaiting FC 6."
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Impressively unimpressive review
by h-milch-mann on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 00:28 UTC
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The writer used the word impressive impressively often. However I can't say the same about the review.

Additionally, having Firefox, Gaim, Gimp, VLC, and Banshee running simultaneously used only 360 MBs of out of a total of 1 GB of memory I had available.
Now these are impressively good news for my 256MB box. ;) Really, if you want to show how much gnome improved in speed/memory usage and you post some ram usage figures at least provide the same numbers for the last gnome release.

Also, Banshee, the music player has advanced tremendously and makes Rhythmbox pretty much useless
Wow. So a program did improve in a new version? No sh*t? Someone hold the press please. I always thought apps get worse from version to version.
At least he didn't tell us about a single impressive improvement. Good move.
And how the hell does banshee make rhythmbox suddenly useless? Does the banshee package conflict whith RB and remove it on installation? Does banshee put a geas on you, that stops you from starting rb? I thought it's a banshee not an evil fairy. ;)

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