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Novell and Ximian Novell will support its NetWare network operating system at least until 2015. However, its focus will be open source. "While not abandoning its current NetWare users, Novell officials on Monday made it clear that the company's focus is on open-source and open-standards computing. Kicking off the annual BrainShare conference at the Salt Palace, Novell Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Jack Messman and others praised how open source and open standards - and Novell products based on them - can help businesses work more efficiently, provide them flexibility and agility and save them money."
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RE: Focus on What
by grat on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 01:04 UTC in reply to "Focus on What"
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I don't really know what your problem with Novell is, and frankly, don't care.

But at least you're consistent... You're always in there, bashing them, and demonstrating a serious lack of comprehension of their product line. I read this article, and the first thing that popped in my head was "Wonder what he's ranting about this time?". And look! You're the first post!

In the space of two years, Novell migrated *ALL* of their core components (Groupwise, Zenworks, Identity Management, iFolder, iPrint) from a dependence on a Netware kernel. They now run equally well on Netware, and Linux.

Oh, and along the way, they've funded projects like Mono and XGL, contributed heavily to improving OpenOffice, and still found time to opensource YaST, NetMail (Hula), and SuSE itself.

I'm a long time Netware admin, going back 10+ years. Their tools have always been first rate, their marketing lousy, and their board leadership downright imbecilic. I'll be the first to say I expected them to completely screw the migration of their core systems to linux the same half@$# way they did in 1995 with Unixware.

They haven't.

They need more market penetration, heck they need more MARKETING (More, in this case, meaning "any value greater than zero").

Novell isn't going to give away the farm, and they'd be first class idiots if they did. But they've demonstrated a willingness to give to the open source community, and they've shown a remarkable grasp of how to switch from a proprietary legacy environment to a modern OS without abandoning their existing customers.

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