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OpenBSD OpenBSD has asked for donations: "To fulfill most development goals OpenBSD should be generating about $100K USD. With that amount of money the project can finance 1 large and 4 small hackathons per year. Pay the bills and a part-time developer to mind the shop when Theo isn't around. In an ideal world we would have a sponsor per hackathon and the CD sales would be paying for other expenses." On a very related note, pre-orders for OpenBSD 3.9 are now available.
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RE[2]: $100K USD for GPL version ?
by Soulbender on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 02:27 UTC in reply to "$100K USD for GPL version ?"
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"I guess OpenBSD need to switch to the GPL since all the BSD people dont care about it"

The license has nothing to do with this. Dont try to start another lame license flame war.

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