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Fedora Core Lunapark reviews Fedora Core 5, and concludes: "I would only recommend FC5 to people who do not own Nvidia video cards or do not mind tweaking a lot default settings to get things working. Otherwise stay with what you are using and wait for SUSE 10.1 or Ubuntu's Dapper. But if you do stick with FC 5 and get past the quirks, it is quite impressive and I am already eagerly awaiting FC 6."
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Justifiable statement?
by wibbit on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 13:51 UTC
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There was enough glitches in the second install, that I can say if you have a Nvidia card or a motherboard with the Nvidia nForce chipset, you should look elsewhere for a linux o.s. or be prepared to do a fair amount of tweaking.

I would be curious to know what justification he has to make such a bold statement beyond this isolated example.

I am running an NForce 3 motherboard, and was able to install with out any memorable trouble, I did do a HTTP based net install, however, as I said I have had no problems at all.

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