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Legal French lawmakers approved an online copyright bill Tuesday that would require Apple to break open the exclusive format behind its market-leading iTunes music store and iPod players. The draft law - which also sets new penalties for music pirates - would force Apple, Sony, and others to share proprietary copy-protection technologies so that rivals can offer compatible services and players. An analyst expects that Apple is more likely to leave the French market, than to open its format in France. My take: Just buy CDs. They play in every CD player, and have no weird restrictions. In case you forgot, CDs look like this.
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Finally someone with some artistic sense in the group. I found someone here I have to agree with.

But it is really hard to fight that instant gratification culture that we have now. Its the MTv generation, they say... sad.

What would it be to listen to The Wall, Sgt. Peppers or Tommy in a "per Music" fashion as people try to sell it now...

Well... Sorry for that... just felt like speaking it off my chest.

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