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General Development "Newer software does try to be sexier by doing flashy things such as the talking paperclip. This causes a tendency for the software to bloat to the point of saturation, i.e. until it performs at barely acceptable speeds. But application programming seems to get worse with faster processors. Even with more memory, faster disks and multiple CPUs, your average web application runs slower. Is it possible that the faster hardware has made us worse programmers?"
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RE: Not so simple
by gamehack on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 18:36 UTC in reply to "Not so simple"
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I do not think that programmers should generally be encouraged not to worry about the details. You should really try to be as abstract as possible but do not forget that you are not living in a perfect world - all the statements you have written will eventually translate to low level assembly (which in turn goes down to binary which we all know). So what you should really know is how much things cost - how much does it cost to allocate 100 objects, how much does it cost to do things asynchroniously, how much does it cost to call this method or the other one. If you don't really think & know about this, then I call this carelessness.
But it again boils down to "the right tool for the right job". It's not that you cannot write system software in Java or that you cannot write games object-modeled frameworks in C, it just is not the best thing to do. So I just want to say to all programmers that you should really know what you are doing and know the details. Don't use a garbage collector as an excuse for your code being slow etc.


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