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General Development "Newer software does try to be sexier by doing flashy things such as the talking paperclip. This causes a tendency for the software to bloat to the point of saturation, i.e. until it performs at barely acceptable speeds. But application programming seems to get worse with faster processors. Even with more memory, faster disks and multiple CPUs, your average web application runs slower. Is it possible that the faster hardware has made us worse programmers?"
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Speculative Micro-Optimisation (cont)
by Luke McCarthy on Wed 22nd Mar 2006 23:47 UTC
Luke McCarthy
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Furthermore, the "better" version is actually 1 byte larger (mainly due to 16-bit prefix):

66 b8 01 00 mov $0x1,%ax

66 31 c0 xor %ax,%ax
66 40 inc %ax

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