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Linux "I'm an art professor, and last semester I embarked on an exciting new adventure by erasing Mac OS X from nearly all of the Macintoshes in our digital media lab and installing Ubuntu in its place. I began seriously planning this change last school year, when I realized how fully the current feature sets of free software programs could satisfy the technical needs of the students in my classes. I decided that the time had come to teach our undergraduate art students about free software programs such as the GIMP, Scribus, and Quanta Plus, instead of proprietary programs such as Photoshop, QuarkXpress, and Dreamweaver."
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Maybe a bit agressive
by corwin on Thu 23rd Mar 2006 14:08 UTC
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I agree that students should learn the free software tools, but they also need to learn the tools used in most of the industry today. So, I agree that they should learn GIMP, Scribus, However, you COULD have installed those all on Mac OS X (they are supported - look at fink or darwinpackages for example - or a native build).

So, I think a better approach would be to leave Mac OS X, install the freeware, and the commercial. Teach them both. Software is just a tool - it's always good to learn as many tools as possible.

Remember - Mac OS X is *nix underneath (FreeBSD, basically).

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