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GNU, GPL, Open Source A US federal judge has ruled against antitrust claims that the General Public Licence promotes unfair competition, and in doing so has promoted its cause. On Monday, US Federal Judge John Daniel Tinder, dismissed the Sherman Act antitrust claims brought against the Free Software Foundation. The claims made by Plaintiff Daniel Wallace included: that the General Public License constituted a contract, combination or conspiracy; that it created an unreasonable restraint of trade; and that the FSF conspired with IBM, Red Hat, Novell and other individuals to pool and cross-license their copyrighted intellectual property in a predatory price fixing scheme.
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RE: Waste of a Lawsuit
by sigzero on Thu 23rd Mar 2006 14:53 UTC in reply to "Waste of a Lawsuit"
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"If you don't like it, no one forces you to use it."

That just isn't true if by "it" you mean the license. If you use GPL'd stuff you HAVE to use the GPL whether you agree with it or not. Not that I agree with the guy bring the lawsuit either.

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