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Linux "I'm an art professor, and last semester I embarked on an exciting new adventure by erasing Mac OS X from nearly all of the Macintoshes in our digital media lab and installing Ubuntu in its place. I began seriously planning this change last school year, when I realized how fully the current feature sets of free software programs could satisfy the technical needs of the students in my classes. I decided that the time had come to teach our undergraduate art students about free software programs such as the GIMP, Scribus, and Quanta Plus, instead of proprietary programs such as Photoshop, QuarkXpress, and Dreamweaver."
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by manjabes on Thu 23rd Mar 2006 21:47 UTC
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The GIMP may very well do as much as photoshop or even more, but unless they redesign the user interface, it's not worth the hassle. I have nothing particular against GTK but the UI is so goddamn ugly (yes, it does matter: do you drive a car that is covered with rust and be happy with it 'cause it does what it's supposed to? or do you wear trashbags as clothes because they cover your body as clothes are supposed to?) and unusable that no sane-minded person would dump Photoshop for the GIMP unless threatened to be killed. And, while we're at it, graphics people generally need a decent environment to work (the way artists are constructed, i guess) and the GIMP is not decent.

Btw, how is it that GUI buttons on Open source platforms (KDE, Gnome etc.) tend to be larger than on Windows? The tool buttons in photoshop are conveniently small and handy, whereas their equivalents in Krita are considerably larger. I'm not even going to start bashing the GIMP for this... This tends to be the case with other programs too (OK, Maybe not [Windows] Explorer vs Konqueror but certainly Office vs. Openoffice/Koffice etc.)...

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