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IBM IBM has today presented various new versions of their G5 processor at the Power Everywhere Forum in Japan. Firstly, it introduced the much-anticipated PowerPC 970MP, the dual-core version of the G5. In addition, they also announced 3 low-power G5s, ranging from 1.2Ghz at 13W to 1.6Ghz at 16W. These processors will most likely find their way into Apple's Macs.
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RE: Too little, too late
by rayiner on Thu 7th Jul 2005 21:37 UTC in reply to "Too little, too late"
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It's too little, too late... Yonah will blow away anything IBM has to offer, it seems to be a really well designed chip.

I see the Mac folks have overcome their cognitive dissonance in record time! Tell me, what are your thoughts on the G3 versus the Pentium II? Were you one of the Mac folks who though that the G3 was better? As I recall, most Mac folks didn't think much of Yonah's architecture back when it was called the PII.

I'm being a bit sarcastic, of course, Yonah isn't exactly like the PII, but it's safe to say that the evolutionary jump any bigger than the one from the Athlon (K7) to the Athlon64 (K8). Mac folks cracked jokes about the aging x86 architecture with regards to the PII, and are now hailing Yonah as the second coming, and it's irking me off a little.

In any case, the multicore G5 looks like a nice chip. It seems about time we saw one, given the G5's small die size. The 970MP should weigh in at about 170M transistors, making it closer in size to a single-core prescott than a dual-core prescott. Additionally, it's very likely that the 2.5GHz multicore chips coming out now will be faster than the first iteration of dual-core Yonahs that'll be coming out next year. Those will debut at 2.13GHz, and Yonah's IPC isn't good enough to overcome that difference in most cases.

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