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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris An often-heard complaint when it comes to Solaris is that its installation takes a long time. Apparantly, work is under way to fix it. "While in a chatroom this morning I learned the reason why Solaris installs are so slow. It turns out that pkgadd is really slow on installing small packages, well it turns out that Solaris installs about 10000 little packages in a full install."
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"If you're doing an install from a Flash or Jumpstart, you don't HAVE this problem, as the packages are already installed and you're simply moving files and updating some configuration files"

I think you mean Jumpstart install with flash archive.

Jumpstart Install and Flash Install are two different things, and not necessarily related. Jumpstart install is about how the information needed for install are collected and processed. For end users/admins, it means no user interaction is needed during the Install. Flash Install, however, is about how the install contents are stored and delivered - flash archive is one way, another way is the DVD image, which is probably used more often from my guess.

So one can combine many different permutations for Solaris Install, for example:

- Interactive install with DVD image
- Interactive install with flash archive file
- Jumpstart install with DVD image
- Jumpstart install with flash archive file
- the list goes on(eg, ftp, http, etc)

If one Jumpstart installs a system with DVD image, Solaris install still needs to take the effort to maintain the package information on the system.

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