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Mozilla & Gecko clones Ever have trouble getting your Internet Explorer-specific Web applications to work with Mozilla? This article covers common issues associated with migrating applications to the open source Mozilla-based browser. You'll first learn basic cross-browser development techniques, and then develop strategies for overcoming the differences between Mozilla and Internet Explorer.
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too much focus on outdated
by Gadrel on Fri 29th Jul 2005 13:21 UTC
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has some good reference material such as working with XML documents and core DOM API - but seems cluttered by references to NS4 and IE5. NS4 is not even on the radar anymore and IE5 is fading fast, diving almost 4% this year along. there are many legacy techiques, such as document.write, which I just cannot see justifying any more.

I've recently started an JavaScript library (related to AJAX, but with components and many other tricks) and I decided that NS4 and IE5 are just not worth the time my library hits the streets IE5 will be under 4% and dropping, and that just isn't worth it.

when I think cross browser issues I think:

IE6 Win -> FireFox/Mozilla Win/Linux/Mac -> Safari Mac -> Opera Win/Linux/Mac

If you can make web pages that use javascript in all these you have accomplished a lot. Sure there are many other browsers, but those are the ones I'd want to support. Although Safari and Opera may be a very small % - they are also very vocal and they do not believe they are out of date. An IE 5 user has to know that their system is getting out of date, so if a web page doesn't work they shouldn't be mad - instead I'll just remiond them to upgrade for security reasons (which won't fly with an Opera 8 user).

Anyway - what we need is an article talking about how to do some heavy duty cross-browser javascript coding. where cross-browser means the top 4 or 5 modern browsers not some ancient bug ridden browsers...

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