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Windows Microsoft appears to be in a state of panic, ordering 60 per cent of its new operating system to be re-written amidst a major shake-up of its troubled Windows division. According to a Volish denizen speaking to, orders have come down from on high to rewrite more than 60 per cent of the consumer version of Vista in a bid to get it ready for the 2007 CES show in Las Vegas.
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Delays. . .
by petedude on Fri 24th Mar 2006 19:23 UTC
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I think the Vista delays will help take MS where I think they're ultimately headed. . . a media company that also sells video games and PDAs.

MS ships Vista after numerous delays. . . few bite.
MS revamps its business server offerings. . . few bite.
MS sells a new version of Office. . . few bite.

Windows Mobile PDAs. . . go nuts.
XBox 360 sales. . . go nuts.
Windows Media Center embedded applications. . . eventually.

See where I'm going? I think Microsoft is headed where Apple would have been had the Mac market soured. Linux is rapidly grabbing up servers, Desktop Linux is slowly cutting into large MS accounts, and alternative servers from various vendors (e.g. DB servers) are eating away at MS's other businesses. This is before we even start looking at Office alternatives like OpenOffice.

Microsoft won't go away soon. But I think we'll be looking at a much smaller, more micro Microsoft in the future.

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