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Mac OS X Exactly five years ago, 24th March 2001, Apple officially launched its new operating system, Mac OS X, the highly anticipated (and highly needed) successor to Mac OS 9. From the official press release: "Apple today announced that beginning this Saturday, March 24, customers can buy Mac OS X in retail stores around the world. Mac OS X is the world's most advanced operating system, combining the power and openness of UNIX with the legendary ease of use and broad applications base of Macintosh."
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two cents
by siraf72 on Sat 25th Mar 2006 09:22 UTC
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I preffered 8.6 to 9 as in my experience it was far more stable. It seemed to me 9 was a necessary evil to make the transition to X easier.

10.0 was pretty bad but you could see the potential. also, I remember I was stunned by the speed at which shareware and freeware apps were being written for os 10.0. Every release has gone from strength to strength.

I really do miss two features though from the pre Os X days. 1 - the way windows automaticly turned into tabs when dragged them to the bottom of the screen. 2 - the ability to have icons act as buttons.

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